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At Old Harbor HERS Raters, we pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions that meet the distinct needs of each project, ensuring seamless code compliance and optimal energy efficiency.

Cape Cod HERS Rating Tools

Energy Modeling Expertise

Unlock the power of energy efficiency with our comprehensive modeling services. Leveraging Ekotrope software, architectural plans, and specifications, we deliver a precise Home Energy Ratings (HERS Index Score) and a detailed written report.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate Energy Load Assessment
  • Verifiable Energy Code Compliance
  • Optimized HVAC Equipment Sizing
  • Enhanced New Home Design Optimization
  • Expert Energy Star Home Analysis
  • Streamlined Tax Credit Certifications

Additional Value: Our services include post-construction and rough-in testing, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your project’s energy performance. 

Duck Leakage Testing

Stay ahead of the curve with our meticulous duck leakage testing services, ensuring compliance with Massachusetts regulations. As a certified HERS rater or BPI-certified professional, we conduct thorough examinations to guarantee a Certificate of Occupancy.

Blower Door Test (Air Leakage)

Our Blower Door Test (Air Leakage) is mandatory for all residential new constructions and essential for achieving HERS ratings. This test safeguards against energy losses, aligning with Building Code prerequisites for a Certificate of Occupancy.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Leveraging advanced thermal imaging technology, we pinpoint leaks, insulation cavities, excess moisture, and drafts. This invaluable tool enables precise troubleshooting, ensuring a thoroughly optimized energy performance and maximizing your building’s potential.

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